Debit Card Safety Tips & Precautions for the Holidays

peoples bank debit card

Using your debit card is a simple, hassle-free way to get cash, make purchases, and much more. Unfortunately, the potential for fraudulent debit card transactions has become a concern both for card users and financial institutions. From time to time, we may be calling you to ask about the validity of a debit card transaction. Your debit card transactions are monitored for potentially fraudulent activity which may include sudden changes in location. If you are going to use your card outside of the United States or are taking a vacation out of state, please give us a call and let us know when you are leaving, when you will return and where you are going.

If we do call you, your participation in responding to our call is critical to prevent potential risk and avoid restrictions we may place on your card. To ensure we can continue to reach you whenever potential fraud is detected, please keep us informed of your correct cell phone number – this is how you will be contacted if a transaction is in question. The call will be from a toll free number – typically an 877 prefix.

If we call you, the staff person will identify themselves and ask to verify recent transaction activity on your card. We WILL NOT ASK for your card number, the CVV code on the back of your card, your account number or social security number. We will only ask for information concerning recent transactions.

We’re here to help protect your account. You can help by carefully monitoring transaction activity on your account and by contacting us immediately at 601.847.9333 or after hours at 1.800.472.3272 if you identify any fraudulent transactions or if your card is lost or stolen.

You also have the power to control, block, report and limit your debit card through our Card Manager feature on the Peoples Bank App.


  1. Notify us if you are traveling out of state/country
  2. Make sure we have your correct cell number
  3. Accept a call from us to confirm a recent transaction in question
  4. Monitor your account through online banking/app
  5. Report any concerns
  6. Manage your card with our Card Manager feature on the app