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2012 PB Kids Christmas Coloring Contest Winners

Overall Best Drawing: Blair Smith                            

2nd Place: Mollie Jones                          

3rd Place: Weston Frye                         

2-4 Year Old Winners

1st Place: Carter Russell                                   

2nd Place: Gift Magee                             

3rd Place: Thomas Jones                       

5-7 Year Old Winners

1st Place: Jamie Lynn Lee                     

2nd Place: Jack Sullivan                          

3rd Place: Mary Madelyn Grubbs         

8-10 Year Old Winners

1st Place: Gabrielle Magee                   

2nd Place: Chance Magee                      

3rd Place: Tori Williamson                   

11-12 Year Old Winners

1st Place: Steven Ammann                   

2nd Place: Gabi Prather                         

Special Awards                                                

Best Use of Color: Sophie Grubbs                                  

Best Christmas Spirit: Reagane Magee                    

Best Choice of Subject Matter: Will Smith                              

Best Design: Mary Margaret Rankin        

Most Artistic: Hanna Grace Frye                                 

Most Imaginative: Cole Welch                            

Most Unique: Kasey Lee                              

Most Rising Artist: Seth Ammann                       

Most Expressive: Elliot Rankin                         

Most Realistic: Clark Mangum

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