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2012 Christmas Card Winners

Peoples Bank is proud to announce the winners to our 2012 Christmas Card Contest.  We had over 2500 entries from Simpson, Smith, Rankin, and Covington counties participating this year. The overall winner was Madilyn Tanner.  Madi is the 8 year old daughter of Tony and Karyn Tanner and little sister to Rylee. She is a 2nd grader at Mize Elementary.  Madi has overcome several health obstacles, having had successful heart surgery at 4 months old. She has a feisty spirit and a zest for life. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family, art, dance, cheering and all things high fashion.  Madi’s artwork and information will be featured on the cover of Peoples Bank’s annual Christmas Greeting Card.

Overall Winners:

1st Place & Cover Winner: Madilyn Tanner   Mize   8

2nd Place: Chelsey Martin  Mendenhall   10

3rd Place: Emily Amason  Mize  6

Honorable Mention: Hannah Fewell   SCA   11

Honorable Mention: Harrison Day    Magee   9

11-12 Year Old Winners:

1st Place:  Rebecca Workman    Mize      11

2nd Place:  Aleah Harper    Mt.Olive      11

3rd Place:  Peyton Barnard    Magee      12

Honorable Mention: Angie DeRouen    Mize       11

Honorable Mention: John Kilpatrick     SCA      11

9-10 Year Old Winners:

1st Place: Yaquelin Magana    Simpson Central     10

2nd Place: Drake Powell     Mendenhall    10

3rd Place:  Asha Graham   Magee   9

Honorable Mention: Brentley Berry     Magee    9

Honorable Mention: Brooks Williams     SCA        10

7-8 Year Old Winners:

1st Place: PooJan Patel      Magee      8

1st Place: (tie) Bella Broadhead     Mendenhall   7

2nd Place:  Riley Grace Hosey     Magee       7

3rd Place: Drew White   Mendenhall     8

Honorable Mention: Shaylee Ingram    Mize     8

Honorable Mention: McKenzie Jackson  Mendenhall     7

5-6 Year Old Winners:

1st Place: Bonnie Boles   Mendenhall   6

2nd Place:  Addison McWilliams   SCA   5

3rd Place:  Conner Middleton   Mize    6

Honorable Mention: Jacob Holifield   Simpson Central    6

4 and Under:

1st Place:  Wilkes Berry    SCA    4

2nd Place: Preston Fuller    SCA     4

3rd Place: Elizabeth Rushing   SCA    4

Honorable Mention: Ella Claire Ingram    SCA   4

Honorable Mention: Maggie Shivers    SCA      4

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