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Best CD Rates in Collins MS


Peoples Bank MS, offers the best rates of CDs in Collins MS (Certificate of Deposit) that allow you to see your savings through for a long time while earning the maximum interest for your money. When you open a CD in Collins MS, you are sure that your deposits are insured and are virtually risk free. When your CD in Collins reaches maturity, your money may be withdrawn together with the accrued interest. Now that's a wise investment for your savings.


When thinking of opening a CD in Collins MS, go with a bank that the community has trusted for many years. Peoples Bank MS will make sure that the money you deposit for you CD in Collins MS is safe and sound. For High-Yield CDs in Collins MS, open one with Peoples Bank today.


Dependable CDs in Collins MS


In these hard times, don't squander your money in poor investments. Open a CD in Collins MS with Peoples Bank today. We'll make sure that your money is safe with us, and you don't get tempted into liquidating your money anywhere else. A minimum opening deposit of $1000 is all you need to open a CD in Collins MS.


Our CDs in Collins MS has no service charge, and you can also enroll your CD in Collins MS in our online banking. In addition, the interest for your CD in Collins MS can be paid via check, direct deposit or credited to your account.

Reliable CDs in Collins MS

If you want to plan for the long-term future, Peoples Bank is your partner. We can help you with any of the following:

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